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3 Reasons to Consider Funeral Pre-Planning

A lot of people feel uncomfortable talking about funeral arrangements, especially when it comes to their own funeral. Funeral pre-planning may feel a little uncomfortable to talk about for some people but clearly, it is not uncomfortable for everyone since 69% of people surveyed said they thought funeral pre-planning was a good idea. Whether you are completely comfortable talking about your own funeral service or not, prepaid funerals are undeniably a good idea. Learn more about why you should be considering this option.

Why Should You Preplan and Prepay for Your Funeral?

There is no disputing that the loss of a loved one is a highly emotionally charged time for any family. There are so many decisions that have to be made. Many times arguments ensue because family members can not agree on funeral arrangements. Funeral preplanning can stop that. You can take that problem right off the table by pre-planning and paying for your own funeral. There are three clear reasons why this is a very sensible choice:
  • Less stress for your family
  • Cost savings
  • You can control the arrangements
When you take the steps to preplan the funeral arrangements you take all that stress and infighting out of your family’s life. No one will have to sit around and wonder what you wanted. No one will be put in the position of having to make hard decisions during a very sad time.

It’s A Cost Savings

The cost of funerals is constantly on the rise. When you pre-plan and prepay for your funeral you lock in at the current prices. No matter how much the prices increase over time, your family will never have to worry about the cost.

It is All Up to You

Family members are often torn over what their loved one would want for their end of life care. When you pre-plan your funeral you can choose everything that you want to be a part of your funeral and leave out the things that you do not want. It is important that things are done your way. Preplanning a funeral for yourself means that in the end everything will be managed exactly that way you want it to be. Prepaid funerals are a great option. Learn more today.

Pre-Planning Jewish Cremation Services

Cremation services are becoming more popular as an end of life option even in the Jewish community. Jewish cremation service is available to those that choose it. What was once considered taboo is now a far more acceptable end of life option. It is estimated about 15% of Jews are choosing to be cremated. Many synagogues will allow the cremated remains to be buried. Many Rabbis have accepted that this is what some Jews prefer.

Why are More Jews Choosing to Be Cremated

For many people of faith, the choice to be cremated as opposed to being buried comes down to dollars and cents. Cremation is a far less expensive option. For example, if a loved one wanted to be returned to Israel, the cost could be astronomical to ship a remains back to Israel, but to ship the cremated remains would be affordable. This can be a strictly financial decision for some families. For other families, it is a choice that is right for their situation. This is a choice that is extremely personal.

Planning a Jewish Cremation Service

You have the option of pre-planning your funeral service. You can meet with a funeral director that will explain your options to you. If you elect to have a Jewish funeral, the funeral director can help you to make informed decisions about your service. Funeral directors according to most people over the age of 40 (65% of respondents surveyed) believe that a funeral parlor and the directors are the best resources for information about making funeral arrangements. One of the clear benefits of pre-planning your service is that your final wishes are sure to be honored. Another benefit is the cost-savings you can expect. You will be able to lock in your funeral costs by pre-planning and take the burden off your family’s shoulders. For many conservative and orthodox Jews deciding whether to be cremated can be a struggle with their faith. If you are unsure it is strongly suggested that you speak to your religious leader to get guidance and combine that information with the information that the funeral director provides.

Pre-Arranged Funeral Arrangements – Is It For You?

Funeral pre-planning is not a topic most people like to talk about, but making your own funeral arrangements in advance is absolutely something everyone should consider. There are some clear benefits to prepaid funerals and to pre-planning your own funeral arrangements. The cost of a Jewish funeral like everything else is on the rise. Locking in the cost with a prepaid funeral arrangement could save you thousands. Of course, the savings is not the only reason you should consider funeral pre-planning.

The Benefits of Planning Your Own Funeral Service

There are a few good reasons that you may want to consider funeral pre-planning including:
  • Reducing the stress on your family
  • You can control the outcome
  • The cost savings
  • Personalize your memorial service
Prepaid funerals can be difficult to think about but pre-planning can be one of the best choices you have ever made for your family. Losing a loved one is very stressful for the people left behind. Decision making can be difficult for family members when they are under stress. Putting that pressure on family members does not give them the opportunity to mourn. They should not have to worry about whether they are making the right choices. Sadly, many families cannot agree on funeral arrangements and wind up with harsh feelings towards each other because of the disagreement. You can take the burden off your family by pre-planning your funeral.

You Are In Control

No one knows better than you what type of service you want. When you take control of your end of life planning, not only do you take the pressure off your loved ones but you also get to make your own decisions. 69% of those responding to a recent survey state that they would prefer to take control of their end of life planning so that they can have control over what happens. Pre-paid funeral arrangements take the guess work out for your loved ones and let them mourn their loss without the worry of whether they made the right choices for you.

It is a Financially Prudent Decision

Pre-planning is an excellent way to reduce the cost of your funeral. You can lock in the price now and never have to worry about it again. Knowing that your end of life decisions have been made and paid for lets you live your life to the fullest worry-free. Learn more about pre-planning and how you can benefit from it.

What You Need to Know About Writing an Obituary

A Letter of Remembrance Death is an unfortunate aspect of life and losing the ones we hold dear can challenge our inner strength. Often we are not prepared for the loss and can be abruptly tossed into a whirlwind of precise decision making feeling as though we are drowning in a sea of voices. Once the noise quiets down and the shock of it all relaxes enough, then we are able to shift our focus onto things needing to be addressed; for example, the funeral arrangements and direct burial service. One of the most relevant pieces to be tackled is placing pen to paper and writing our loved one’s obituary. When contemplating what needs to be stated, there are a few factors that must be considered. What was this person’s wishes upon their death? How did this individual want to be remembered? Are they a religious person, a child of faith, or where they spiritual at all? Who did they want to care for their body after their journey ended here on earth? Most importantly, did they want to have a direct burial service by the plot, a cremation service, or a veterans funeral service; if applicable? The best source of information to assist in the process will be the funeral directors and funeral homes; which is suggested by sixty-five percent of people over the age of forty. Writing content for our loved one’s obituary is never easy and at this crucial time can be quite painful, but a comfort at the same time. There are a few items to remember when engaging this task as we walk tentatively through this journey. Let’s start with the announcement of their death to inform those who may not yet know that they have passed. This will include the day of the week and the date in which it occurred, along with their name and whom they may have left behind. Secondly, provide general biographical text giving information about them; their date of birth, their upbringing, education, marriage facts, accomplishments they may have obtained, and their work history. Be sure to keep this portion compact and precise. Next will contain a bit more personal information, mainly to capture the spirit of our family members. Make certain to only write about a paragraph in length, anything more can be viewed as incongruous. Following will be a list of immediate family members, ones preceded in death and ones survived by in life. Finally, we reach the funeral information, this will record the date, time and location of the direct burial where others may join to pay their respects. If this is a Jewish funeral service, this will be where we list the Shiva information. Giving the days, dates, times and location are very important so others may respect the time of mourning. Always be sure to review the writing before sending it off to be printed for any mistakes. Go over all of the content written for any corrections on the date, time and location of the direct burial service and the Shiva information so no one feels insulted by a simple mistake. Ask for help if there are any misunderstandings through this process, never feel lost or shamed. Take time to process and breathe, this is an important piece in showing our loved ones final respect before accepting what is and moving forward in our journey.

Jewish Funeral Service Arrangements: Burial or Cremation

There are difficult decisions one must face when making Jewish funeral service arrangements, whether for them or a loved one that has recently passed. At Jewish Direct Burial and Cremation Services, we serve all Jewish denominations and want to inform you about our funeral arrangement services – from the most Orthodox traditional Jewish burials, to cremations for the most liberal Jewish denominations. We simply want to inform you about the services we offer, leaving you to choose what rituals you would like to observe at your or your loved one’s funeral.

Traditional Jewish Burial

Earth burial is a custom that dates back to Biblical times. The following rituals are observed during a traditional Jewish burial:
  • Aron – The simple wooden burial casket.
  • Keriah – The rending or ripping of the mourners’ garments.
  • Shemira – The watching of the remains until burial.
  • Taharah – The traditional washing and dressing of the deceased.
  • Tachrichim – The traditional white burial shroud.
Choosing a traditional Jewish burial declares, “I may not have been a perfect Jew, but I am a proud one. And I want to be buried as Jews have been for thousands of years. I owe it to my ancestors. I owe it to my descendants. I owe it to my body – and I owe it to my soul.” The human body belongs to G-d, according to Jewish beliefs. Providing a proper Jewish burial is thought of as an act that provides the soul great comfort during its transition to the spiritual world. After death when the body is buried in the ground it allows the body to return to earth.

Jewish Cremation Services

Reform Judaism is a progressive branch of Judaism that still favors burial, but does not oppose cremation. Over the years, an increasing number of Jews have chosen cremation over traditional burial. Cremation was once viewed by many as an act that defied Jewish law; however, today it is becoming more acceptable as families continue to request this type of funeral arrangement. There is no clear cut prohibition of cremation in the halachic literature, according to the “Ask a Rabbi” section on the Reform Judaism website. For Reform rabbis cremation does not necessarily contravene the law, and therefore, they will officiate at the cremation to honor the final wishes of the deceased and the deceased’s family.

Which Funeral Arrangement Should You Choose?

Burial and cremation are both viable options when planning final funeral arrangements. Ultimately, what works best for you and your loved one is the best decision to make. Money, mobility, space, and other factors may persuade you to choose cremation over burial. Just as religious or environmental reasons may persuade you to choose burial over cremation. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Jewish Direct Burial and Cremation Services at 561-609-2503. We understand this is a sensitive topic to talk about, and we are ready to help you every step of the way.

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